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100% Goat Cheese Treats

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ships for $6.50

Nature’s Most Complete Food is Now a Treat!!

Net Weight:  3.3 oz (94 gr), Min Crude Protein:  40%, Min Crude fat: 42%, Maximum Moisture: 3%, Maximum Fiber:  <1%,Calories per gram:  13  

Loving Udders
100% Pure Goat Cheese 
Dog & Cat Treats - $9.95

Grain Free
Gluten Free

Preservative Free

Loving Udders goats are raised as pets without antibiotics or added hormones

Ingredients:  Raw goat’s milk, dried lactococcus lactis cheese cultures, vegetable rennet, sea salt.

Our goat's cheese is made fresh every day with raw goat's milk.  

Every drop of goat's milk from This Little Farm either goes into making these totally healthy treats for your dog and cat, or into my personal coffee cup!

Each bag starts out as over a 1/2 lb of artisan cheese made from fresh, raw goat’s milk.  


The cheese is then air-dried at low temperatures to preserve the beneficial properties of the cultured raw goat’s milk.

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