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How it started, circa 2012
But scroll down and look at us now!

Meet the Nice Ladies behind This Little Farm.

Mikel - Mulvane KS

A lot has changed since I made that video in 2012! As demand for the treats got to be too much for my goats,I found some other nice ladies around Kansas to help make cheese! 

Thankfully, having these wonderful ladies helping me out with cheese production made it possible for me to concentrate on the business side of This Little Farm.

Keeping up with making the treats and filling orders is a big job, so my goats are retired and live as pets now.  They will live out their days here on This Little Farm.


Tara - Towanda, KS

Tara has been raising and showing goats since she was little. The youngest of 3 sisters, Tara lives on the family farm near Towanda, KS.  Someone had to stay home and look after the goats!!


Besides the huge job of taking care of her goat herd, Tara attends college, and helps her dad and uncle around the farm.

Tara and her goats walk away
with many, many blue ribbons each year at the Kansas State Fair.

Elaine - Council Grove KS

Elaine started breeding and showing Alpine Dairy Goats in 1990 with just 4 doelings.  Today, her small, but award winning herd are all decendents of those same four baby goats.  She is a highly-respected within the Alpine Dairy Goat community nationally.


All of Elaine's goats are "Dam Raised" which means babies are never separated from their mommas.


Heather - Augusta, KS

Heather's love of her Nubians is only rivaled by her passion for sheep.  Both her goat and sheep herd benefit from years of training she absorbed in her homeland of Australia.


Heather believes that these sustainable and humane farming practices are important not only for the well-being of our animals, but also for the quality of her products. When our animals are happy and healthy, it shows in the milk, cheese, and meat that Heather's operation produces.

Chris - Leon KS

Chris is a recently retired accountant who raises and shows a herd of Nubians, along with a smll herd of meat goats.

Bringing goats home on your lap isn't unusual, it's just part of being a goat lady.  They are surprisingly great travelers.  


Chris has been mentor to many young 4H kids, including Tara.

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